Life at Accretive Technology Group

Accretive technology group is an incredible, dynamic place to work.

Accretive Technology Group is a technology leader but still has a great start up feel. The office culture is unique and fun, the people are great, the benefits are generous. Check out some of the wonderful things our employees have to say about life at Accretive.

Employees at ATG say...

"I enjoy working at ATG because the teams are small (4-6 members) and the Software Development Group works in an Agile environment.  I value this methodology as it gives you the ability to show Business Owners in two week work Sprints what the team has accomplished and if they are on the right track.  If we need to change direction, this can easily be done with this approach."

– Project Manager

"When I was interviewing, I asked one of my interviewers why she liked working here. She said "because of the people - we like each other, we hang out together, it's like family."

- Software Developer

"I have found this overall to be true even as we grow. We hire people who work hard, smart, and are relatively social (relatively social - of course we ARE software developers . We don't hire jerks, prima donnas, or people who can't collaborate."

- Software Developer

What I love about working at Accretive:

"ATG has a playful atmosphere.  People laugh and joke a lot. As a developer, you're not a cog in the wheel of some huge company. Your ideas will be heard. Your choices have impact."

"We have the atmosphere of a startup, but also have large and growing revenue stream."

– Product Support Manager

"What I love about ATG is the people; I work with smart, open-minded people who are fun to be with. We work together to come up with new ideas to solve interesting technical problems. "

– Software Development Team Lead

"We love the recognition for our work, not just from our co-workers and manager but from the company owners. We have direct access to the company owners, we can share ideas and get feedback and that makes us feel valued."

– Creatives team

"I work with very talented people. I love the relaxed environment, we get things done but without the expectation that you become a work zombie to do it. And we have great benefits, unquantifiable things that go beyond the standard benefits. "

– Senior Software Engineer

"It’s the people. We have great people who are constantly learning, we are actually challenged to learn and try new things. I love the technology that we use, I love working downtown."

– Software Developer

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